Now, more than ever, we need more coaches and empathy in the world. We want to take our commitment to social impact to the next level by offering the CTEDU Community and Inclusion Coach Training course.

Inclusion is belonging. It’s creating an environment where individuals from all backgrounds and diverse experiences feel that they belong. This creates the safe space necessary to cultivate meaningful relationships, insightful conversations, and understanding, which is what coaching aims to accomplish at its core. 

Our training dives into the complexities of what makes people diverse and  helps coaches implement practices that ensure everyone feels safe and celebrated in ALL spaces. Join this 12-week course to:

  • Advance your Knowledge of Diversity & Inclusion Topics: You’ll take a deep dive into topics that’ll equip you with the knowledge to feel confident in working with diverse audiences.  Explore themes such as unconscious bias, cultural competence, and social identity language. 
  • Build on Essential Coaching Skills: Enhance your coaching skill set by learning how to apply coaching in a new framework. You’ll learn new tools to make a sustainable and transformative impact on your client’s lives.
  • Earn an Inclusion Coach Certificate: Gain a competitive advantage by adding diversity and inclusion as an essential competency to your business brand, practices, and services. You’ll be able to confidently offer Inclusion coaching in a personal, professional, and business setting.

The Inclusion Coach Training Course is a 12-session training course covering foundational coaching skills and proficiencies in the diversity and inclusion field. 

Who: This program is designed for coaches who have completed a minimum of one CTEDU 1.0 course. This course qualifies for 32 CCE hours. 

Date: Wednesdays starting June 2nd

Time: 7-9am PT

Cost: $1,200 with Certification and $900 without Certification