Have you heard of neurogenesis? It’s the continuous regeneration of new neurons in certain brain regions proving your brain’s resilience. Your brain is capable of constantly changing and growing which is so important in the world of coaching!

CTEDU has partnered with Master Mind Institute (MMI) to pilot their exciting course, The Neuroscience of Coaching, exclusively to the CTEDU community.

The important role neuroscience plays in coaching led Hayden Lee, MCC and former lead trainer, to partner with neuroscientist, Dr. Kelly Kent, PhD, to create the Master Mind Institute. MMI is an organization designed to focus on the brain science of coaching and how the study of this field enhances human and organizational potential.

The Neuroscience of Coaching is a CCE accredited course that combines go-at-your-own-pace videos, 6 live training sessions, and live Q&As. You’ll develop key skills to:Use neuroscience to build a growth mindset in your client: You’ll use coaching strategies to create a learning mindset in your clients to help them optimize their personal and professional potential.

Deepen coach-client relationships: You’ll learn how to bring awareness to your clients regarding how their brains are actually changing and growing, motivating them to be even more coachable.

Develop a centered coaching presence: Coaches, just like all humans, have a limited amount of attentional bandwidth and need to practice being open, flexible and grounded. By understanding the strengths and limitations of your attention, you can design systems for minimizing distractions as well as build opportunities to practice controlling your attention.

The Neuroscience of Coaching is a 6-week training course where you’ll learn how to apply neuroscience principles to your coaching to serve your clients more powerfully. This program is designed for coaches who have completed minimum one CTEDU 1.0 course or is currently enrolled and at least halfway through their 1.0 course by the start date of this program. This course qualifies for 12 CCE hours.

Date: Wednesdays, starting September 8th
Time: 1-3pm PT

Pricing: $900